You’re A Life Coach?

Your friend comes to you to talk about their problem. As you listen you see what the issue is and have a good idea on how to help. You talk through with them, asking questions they didn’t think about. You give them advice and tell them to do what’s in their best interest. And you are really good at helping to problem solve for your friends.

Chances are you have a great life coach right inside your own head. Most of us are great at giving advice but when it comes to giving that advice to ourselves…we aren’t so good at listening. It’s easy to rationalize and come up with excuses. “Well they should do it BUT I have…” an excuse. But what if we did listen to ourselves? What if we did take that advice? What if we changed jobs or started running or took care of that issue we have left hanging out there. We would be doing pretty well, right?

That same source of advice does give us some good information, we just have to listen. That voice inside our head that says, “don’t eat that pack of donuts, we just finished off a pizza.” It knows what it’s talking about. We just have to listen to it. Most people have a general sense of what is good and bad for us. Be it too much alcohol, staying up too late, or what we eat. We know it…we just don’t always follow that advice.

Let’s start giving it a try. When we are hungry on the way home from work/the store/school, let’s listen and skip that fast food joint; get something healthier or just go home and eat. When we think, “I should probably go to sleep now,” let’s skip the extra episode of Orange is the New Black or Game of Thrones, it will still be there tomorrow. Let’s start listening to that little voice and make some changes. After all, we give good advice, right?