Just Do It – Nike

After talking about SMART goals and how to plan things out, it does no good if it’s not put into action. Where do you start? When do you start? How do you start?

Since 1988, you have known what to do. You were given the best advice out there. To take action, to make things happen, to “Just do it!” Nike coined the phrase that would become a world-wide motto for those athletes (and others) striving for more. From school age kids to older generations who were tired of being tired, Just Do It gave them a call to action. You now have this.

If you don’t like Nike, or maybe don’t like their shoes or their swoosh, maybe listen to the words of Arnold, “Do it, do it now!” You get what I mean here.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take it. Whether it is setting an appointment with a personal trainer, taking that first run that moves the breath at speeds you aren’t used to (but it will get better), or putting down that cigarette. Whatever the first step of your goal is. Maybe sign up for a race or put your goal out there on social media so people can hold you accountable. If you aren’t comfortable with it being that public, tell a couple of close friends. We are all more likely to do things when we are accountable to others than to ourselves. So then we can go back and tell them, “You know how I was going to run that 10K?  I did.” Then ask them to come with you next time.

Just do it, and watch that first domino fall. Write down what you have done and move on to the next step in your goal process. At the end of the week reflect on what you have accomplished. Give yourself the credit you deserve. If you faltered, admit it, accept it, and move on. Forgive yourself but remember you don’t want to let yourself down again. Once you get those first few steps you’ll find a confidence. Yes, I can do it. Further along in the process when you look back and reflect you’ll see how far you’ve come and truly know in your heart you can and you DID do it. Then keep moving forward.

Whatever your goal is, look around and see who else is doing it. If you want to run a marathon you can easily see that many other people have done and are doing that. You can too. You aren’t trying to leap tall buildings in a single bound. You are just going to do an activity that countless others do. So you know it can be done. Now it’s your turn. Just do it.