Strength Training

Yes, we lift heavy things and put them back down. In this class, we focus on more “traditional” strength moves such as bench press, curls, deadlifts, and squats. While most of our classes focus on more useful, functional movements, sometimes you just want to lift heavy. This is a non-cardio class with more isolation moves leaning towards specific muscle fatigue.


This class will contain structured routines to hit the major muscle groups with variation week to week. The class is typically 45 minutes or as long as you need to complete the routine. As with all of our classes, a trainer is there for instruction and guidance during the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this class for meat-heads?
Yes and no. Anyone is welcome (including meat-heads), however, there is a variety of people who show up to this class. Beginners to those looking to increase their weight training goals, all are welcome.


I’m a Female, with this make me look like a man?
The short answer is: no. The long answer can be found here, at

Lifting weights is a great way to gain strength, burn calories, and build bone density (important for fighting osteoporosis).


I do bootcamps, what is the benefit of lifting weights?
ReForm Bootcamps are a great way to get all around, functional fitness. The strength class specializes in a specific part of the bootcamps to maximize those benefits. Longer calorie burn and increased strength. If you want to focus on some great cardio specific exercise, check out ReForm Spin.