Personal Training

For those who want the one-on-one help of a personal trainer, they can work with one of our owners to achieve their specific goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to pick my trainer?
We will talk with you to help select the trainer that is right for you.


Will my trainer be different each session?
Your trainer will remain the same unless you request a change or if your current trainer has an emergency and we need to replace them for that session. The session can also be moved if you would like to stay with your current trainer.


Will I get to pick how I would like to train? (strength, cardio, weight loss)
Our trainers will focus on what your goals are. We sit down and discuss your current situation, your goals, what you are comfortable with, and how we will get you to your goals.


Is a dietary plan included in my personal training?
Legally personal trainers are not allowed to give dietary plans unless they have the appropriate additional education requirements. We are currently looking to partner with a registered dietician to provide safe and appropriate dietary advice. 


How long is personal training sessions?
Personal training sessions can vary depending on the clients needs and schedule. Typically they are between 30-60 minutes. Many times they will include items for the client to do at home or during times outside of the personal training session.


How do I know if I need personal training vs regular training classes?
You can speak with our trainers to see how your goals can be best met. It might be that you only need classes from our regular list and not incur the additional cost of a personal trainer.


Do I get to pick what time I would like to train?
You and your trainer will set up a schedule appropriate for both of you