Obstacle Course Training

Whether it’s your next Spartan Trifecta or your first Warrior Dash, we have you covered with the training and knowledge you need to conquer the course. We offer real obstacles to train on by instructors who have been nationally ranked or qualified for the OCRWC. If you want to get through your first race or train for that elite level of competition, come to ReForm OCR. We also send teams to many events for those who don’t want to go it alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OCR?
OCR is the fastest growing participation sport in the USA, Obstacle Course Racing. Yes, like the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudders, and Spartan Races, many of which you can see on TV.


What do we do in OCR training class?
We focus on obstacle specific training which may not be in main fitness classes, here or anywhere else. We will focus on techniques that will help anyone get through a course and help those who want to, go faster. We work on progressions with those who are new to OCR and also add intensity for those seasoned veterans. You can’t practice throwing a spear, working across a rig, rope climbing, or pulling a herc hoist just anywhere, so we give you the opportunity.


How is OCR Training different from regular exercising?
As opposed to a workout routine in a regular class, this class will have exercises plus the technique work to help people become familiar with the obstacles and learn the best way for them to overcome the obstacles.


This looks advanced, Can beginners take part in this class?
Definitely! This is a great class for beginners to get used to the obstacles and often, see them for the first time. This way it isn’t a shock when they are in their first OCR.


Where can I learn more about races near me?
You can always search online or you can speak with one of our owners who all have years of OCR experience or speak with our ReForm gym family members, many of whom have done OCR’s together.


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